Mining Company Argo Blockchain Mined 14% More in January
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British crypto mining company Argo Blockchain mined 168 BTC last month, which is 14% more than the previous month, when the company mined 147 BTC.

According to the press release:

"The increase in BTC mined was primarily due to fewer curtailment hours in January compared to December, when a severe winter storm impacted much of the United States."

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The company has highlighted this advantage was partially offset by the increased complexity of mining the cryptocurrency. During January, the indicator updated its all-time high twice.

Based on the daily Bitcoin price, Argo's revenue from mining stood at $3.42 million in January, up from $2.49 million in December.

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As of January 31, the company held 115 BTC in its reserves and its total hashrate amounted to 2.5 EH/s.

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