CoinMarketCap is Accused of Running Fake Airdrops
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The airdrops campaign organized by Binance-owned cryptocurrency data aggregator CoinMarketCap has allegedly been plagued by scams, Cointelegraph has reported citing representatives of the SaTT and TokenBot projects.

According to the publication, instead of being distributed to thousands of users, the assets donated to publicize the projects were delivered to a limited number of addresses, suggesting possible manipulation of the system. In the future, the sale of tokens has had a negative impact on the price of assets.

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The terms of SaTT's airdrop implied that 25,000 users would become owners of 4,000 project tokens. According to the startup's CEO, 20,953 of them "automatically" transferred assets to 21 wallets, which helped raise $142,000 from the sale on the same day.

Notably, the TokenBot project's airdrop has had a similar story. Of the 4,000 token recipients, 3,300 ultimately transferred assets to a wallet.

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