Hackers Stole More than $391M from Crypto Sector in November
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Dec. 2, 2022

According to PeckShield experts, the crypto sector lost $391.6 million last month as a result of 29 exploits, including the Deribit hot wallet hack and the theft of FTX funds.

According to them, since the beginning of the year, the damage to the crypto sector from hacker attacks has reached $3.37 billion and for the whole of 2021, the amount amounted to $1.55 billion.

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This year, the record for the amount of losses from exploits was in October with $760.2 million. Then, the largest part of the indicator was the damage from the hacking of the BSC Token Hub bridge of the BNB Chain network in which the attackers stole $586 million.

In November, a significant part of the hacking losses came from the incident with the FTX exchange. An unknown person withdrew about $340 million in digital assets from the platform, mainly Bitcoin (25.4%) and Ethereum (68%).

Notably, the Deribit hack earlier this month resulted in losses of $28 million.

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