FTX Resumes Salary Payments
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Both FTX Trading and most of the group's subsidiaries have begun paying salaries to employees around the world and making payments to some contractors and service providers outside the United States.

John Ray, FTX's CEO, has said this has been possible after the court approved part of the petitions related to global money management.

FTX Group has been able to pay merchants and service providers on a normal basis for all services rendered from the date of the bankruptcy filing.

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It should be noted that in the Bahamas only employees or contractors of FTX's debtors have received payments, and not employees or contractors of FTX Digital Markets Ltd., which is subject of local insolvency proceedings.

In addition, the resumption of payments does not apply to employees or contractors of FTX Australia Pty Limited and FTX Express Pty Ltd, which are the subject of separate litigation in Australia.

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