Alameda Research Withdrew More than $200M from FTX.US Before FTX Collapse
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According to Arkham analysts, Alameda Research has moved more than $200 million in digital assets from the wallets of FTX.US, the US division of the cryptocurrency exchange, shortly before FTX Group filed for bankruptcy.

FTX Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11.

Arkham specialists have identified eight addresses to which, since November 6, Alameda Research has moved a total of $204 million in digital assets. The majority of these funds (69.8%) have been sent to wallets associated with FTX International.

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According to Arkham, a firm affiliated with Sam Bankman-Fried withdrew from FTX.US $38.06 million in WBTC, $49.39 million in Ethereum and $116.52 million in USD-linked stablecoins.

According to the company's analysts, the "wrapped" assets were transferred to the native network. Some of the ETH was sent to the FTX platform and some was sent to the address used by Alameda Research in OTC transactions.

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