Binance Founder Expects 90% of Musk's Ideas for Twitter to Fail
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The majority of Elon Musk's ideas for Twitter will likely not work out as it will take time and efforts before the new groundbreaking ideas will be revealed, Binance Founder, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), told Fortune in an interview.

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While CZ didn't elaborate on why he thinks so, he noted that at least 10% of the best ideas will stick by "defining other features."

"Not all [new ideas] will stick. I would actually say probably the majority of them will not stick. But that's how you figure out the rest of the 10% of the features that will stick: by defining a lot of new features," CZ said,

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With a "hard guy to predict" now in charge of Twitter, the Binance CEO expects that the speed of new features rolling out "will be much faster." Yet, it appears that Musk has no interest in sharing his plans with investors, as CZ said he had learned about the paid blue tick feature at the same time media did.

  • Binance backed Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition with $500 million and is now one of the social network's equity private investors.

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