Xbox's Spencer Compares Metaverse to 'Poorly Built Videogame' GDC
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The metaverse in its current version looks more like a "poorly built videogame," than a real technological breakthrough, Xbox CEO, Phil Spencer, said at the WSJ Tech Live 2022 conference.

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Comparing to videogames, the metaverse in its current firm is more of a "meeting room," than a virtual world where users would like to spend their free time, Spencer suggested. He particularly said:

"If I think about videogames, for years we've been putting people together in 3D spaces to go and save the world from invading aliens, or conquer the castle. Building a metaverse that looks like a meeting room, I just find that's not where I want to spend most of my time."

Even if and when the metaverse finally gets more attraction, the technology would likely end up like videogames, the Xbox boss believes. Improbable CEO Herman Narula shares Spencer's view in a sense that the metaverse has similarities to videogames.

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However, the head of British metaverse tech company still sees the future for the idea of virtual worlds, as "sports leagues or fashion brands" seem to be more interested in the technology than game developers nowadays.

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