Public Miners' Share of Bitcoin Hashrate Reaches 25%
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According to a report by Hashrate Index, the share of public mining companies in the Bitcoin hashrate has registered a 295% increase over the last year to 58 EH/s.

It is worth noting that in aggregate, this represents a 25% rise.

In October last year, private miners accounted for 90% of the hashrate of the largest crypto by market cap.

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During last year's bull market, many companies in the sector went public and gained access to capital to expand their operations. Companies have invested in mining rigs with deliveries during the current year and early 2023.

This has ensured growth in their share of the hashrate. Private companies, lacking that financial opportunity, have experienced growth of only 58% during the year.

A sharp rise in the computing power of private miners began in January after the industry's largest company, Core Scientific, went public.

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