Scammers Target Phantom Users with Fake NFTs
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Oct. 11, 2022

Scammers are targeting now Phantom users by airdropping fake non-fungible tokens (NFTs), calling on victims to upgrade their wallets with malicious software, which steals credentials, BleepingComputer reports.

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The report says hackers are distributing NFTs titled 'PHANTOMUPDATE.COM' or 'UPDATEPHANTOM.COM' in the form of a warning from the developers of Phantom. Once wallet owners open NFTs, they are told they need to download the latest urgent update. The fake warning states:

"Failing to do so, may result in loss of funds due to hackers exploiting the Solana network. Visit to get the latest security update."

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When visiting the website, the website automatically downloads a batch file titled Phantom_Update_2022-10-08.bat, which launches a PowerShell and downloads a malicious file windll32.exe. Once the file is downloaded, it tries to steal browser history, cookies, passwords, SSH keys and other information.

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