Zcash Network Suffers Spam Attack of Shielded Transactions
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The Zcash blockchain network has suffered a spam attack, where every block contains a shielded transaction with hundreds of outputs. According to a Twitter user @xenumonero, the spammer can "blow up the size of the chain by maxing each 2mb block every 75 seconds."

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As a result, the network nodes might face issues related to memory and performance. The cost of each spammed transaction is reportedly less than a cent, the user noted. It is unclear what is the final purpose behind the attack.

Vitalik Buterin: Zcash and Dogecoin Could Migrate to Proof-of-stake

In June, Electric Coin Company, the developer of Zcash, released a major update to the mainnet of the privacy-focused crypto, bringing the Orchard shielded payment protocol, utilizing the Halo proving system.

Halo is touted as a "recursive trustless version" of zero-knowledge proofs designed to greatly increase the scalability of the system and eliminate the need for "trusted setups."

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