Nexo Denies the Company is Bankrupt
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Oct. 6, 2022

Kalin Metodiev, co-founder and managing partner of crypto lending platform Nexo, has denied rumors of the company's bankruptcy or insolvency.

The firm's founders, Metodiev and Antoni Trenchev, have made reference during a Q&A session to rumors of Nexo's possible financial insolvency.

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When asked if the company would be "the next Celsius or Voyager," Metodiev has replied:

"Insolvency, bankruptcy are nowhere in Nexo’s reality, and we believe, we hope, we aspire, we work very hard to deliver a very strong and sustainable future for our users."

He has denied any similarity between the platform's situation with these two projects.

In addition to his comment, Trenchev has stressed that Nexo is not on the list of creditors of Terra and Three Arrows Capital, unlike Celsius and Voyager.

Several US regulators filed charges against Nexo last month.

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