Hut 8 Mining Mined Almost 100 Bitcoins Less in September
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Crypto mining company Hut 8 Mining mined 277 BTC in September compared to 375 BTC in August.

At the end of the month, the Canadian mining company accumulated 8,388 BTC valued at $168.5 million.

The average yield was reportedly 9.2 BTC per day. The company has decided to leave all coins on its balance sheet and not sell them.

As of September 30, Hut 8 Mining's hashrate reached 3.07 EH/s.

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According to the company, it mined less during September due to the warm weather and fluctuations in electricity prices during the month.

According to its second-quarter results, Hut 8 Mining posted a loss of $69.2 million compared to $55.7 million net income in January-March.

According to Arcane Research analysts, the vast majority of public miners have suffered losses due to the crypto-winter. Hut 8 Mining is on the list of companies with retained losses ranging from $137 million to $1.3 billion.

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