Kazakhstan Bank Conducts Country's First Bitcoin Transaction
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Kazakhstan's crypto exchange Intebix (Biteeu Eurasia) and Eurasian Bank have conducted the first joint transaction to buy Bitcoins for fiat from the country.

According to representatives of the trading platform, the bank has independently developed the process of depositing and withdrawing tenge with low commissions.

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Intebix head Talgat Dosanov has said:

"This is the first crypto transaction between an exchange and a client bank on the Eurasian continent. This gives Kazakhstan residents access to the legal purchase of cryptocurrencies by tenge."

Eurasian Bank has also announced it intends to issue a crypto card by the end of the year, which will be accepted in stores. The transaction itself will be carried out in tenge from the account associated with the customer's account on the Intebix exchange.

The financial institution is currently working with the National Bank on the potential risks of this project.

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