Kyber Network Compensates 265,000 USDC Stolen From KyberSwap
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Kyber Network has compensated $265,000 in USDC stolen as a result of the attack on KyberSwap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

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The team said in a Twitter thread that together with industry security experts it will continue to conduct a "thorough monitoring of systems and transactions to detect any suspicious approvals or transactions, and scan all possible issues."

According to the developers, there were only 2 impacted wallets that now are "made whole." Kyber added that one wallet has been fully compensated, while the other one managed to successfully revoke his approval before losing any funds.

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KyberSwap suffered a fronted attack in early September after a bad actor managed to put a malicious code inside the website. It was said that the attacker managed to integrate malicious element on KyberSwap's frontend (in Google Tag Manager). Analysts at PeckShield elaborated on the attack, saying that the stolen funds were withdrawn from the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange.

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