German Largest Data Center Prohibits Crypto Software
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Hetzner Online GmbH, one of the largest data center operators in Europe, has clarified its terms of use regarding cryptocurrency software, which customers might host on its servers.

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A spokesperson for the Gunzenhausen-based company said during a Q&A on Reddit that using our products for any application related to mining, even remotely related, is not permitted. The limitations include not only software for proof-of-work networks, but also for proof-of-stake and so on:

"Even if you just run one node, we consider it a violation of our ToS. We are aware that there are many Ethereum users currently at Hetzner, and we have been internally discussing how we can best address this issue."

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The statement comes amid reports that Hetzner is the second data center in terms of deployed Ethereum nodes. The platform has just slightly over 460 nodes running on it. The largest provider for Ethereum nodes remains Amazon, where 1442 nodes have been launched so far.

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