Citigroup to Hire Risk Managers for DeFi and CBDCs
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Aug. 10, 2022

Financial conglomerate Citigroup has just posted two vacancies for digital asset risk managers.

According to the descriptions of the jobs, one will specialize in decentralized finance, stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, whereas the other will focus on CBDCs, digital securities and enterprise blockchains.

Both managers are reportedly to develop a unified approach to managing risk and responding to new initiatives, visions and strategic alliances in their respective areas.

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Tarun Chitra, CEO of crypto financial risk modeling platform Gauntlet, has said risk management in DeFi is much more complex than in traditional finance. According to the job description, he believes Citi is not primarily looking for technical executives, but market researchers.

At the same time, the banking giant is hiring digital asset specialists related to custody technologies and liquidity management.

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