Michael Saylor Will Step Down as MicroStrategy CEO
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Analytics software provider MicroStrategy has just announced changes to its leadership.

In particular, its current CEO, Michael Saylor, will move to the position of executive chairman, while this position will be filled by Phong Le.

In addition, it should be noted Saylor will also remain at the head of the board of directors. As executive chairman, he will focus on "innovation and long-term corporate strategy," which includes buying and holding Bitcoin.

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He has said that separating the roles of chairman and CEO will allow for more efficient execution of the two corporate strategies. Phong will focus on overall corporate operations.

They will reportedly debut positions on August 8.

In addition, MicroStrategy has unveiled the financial results for Q2 2022. According to them, the total revenues amounted to $122.1 million, whereas operating expenses amounted to more than $1 billion, which is 96.5% higher than during the same period last year.

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