Grayscale Outlines Timeframe for Crypto Winter as Bitcoin Regains $22,000
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The crypto winter might be in place for another 250 days compared to previous cycles, Grayscale Investments said in a recent report.

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According to the document, the crypto community may see "another 5-6 months of downward or sideways price movement" before bitcoin reaches its new all-time high. The analysts noted:

"In each of the 2012 and 2016 cycles, it took just under three years to regain all-time high (ATH) – 1,082 and 1,059 days respectively. It took another year to push a new all-time high again after that."

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Bitcoin is currently trading at $22,081 (down by over 50% since the beginning of the year). At the same time, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization plunged below the $1 trillion mark, but regained shortly after bitcoin succeeded to return above $22,000.

Grayscale Outlines Timeframe for Crypto Winter as Bitcoin Regains $22,000

Grayscale pointed out it's taking longer for crypto market cycles to peak each time due to the "growing maturity of the crypto market that did not exist in previous cycles."

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