Hacker Steals $100M from Cross-chain Bridge Horizon
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The developers of the blockchain platform Harmony have reported the cross-chain bridge Horizon has suffered an attack in which a hacker has stolen around $100 million.

An unknown attacker has reportedly stolen the tokens in several transactions, after which he sent them to another wallet and then exchanged them on the decentralized exchange Uniswap.

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Horizon is a cross-chain bridge between Harmony's blockchain and the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Chain networks.

Harmony has suspended Horizon and has launched an investigation with law enforcement, including the FBI. In addition, the project has notified crypto exchanges of the situation.

The project team has assured the incident has not affected the Bitcoin trustless bridge. According to it, all funds are safe in decentralized vaults.

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The price of the Harmony token (ONE) has suffered a 9.4% drop after the news broke.

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