Bulgarian Top Enforcement Faces Criticism of Inaction Against OneCoin Founder
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Prosecutor's office of Bulgaria failed to act effectively against a cryptocurrency scam pyramid called OneCoin and its founder Ruja Ignatova, whose whereabouts remain unclear. That's what Jonathan Levy, a lawyer who represents victims of the scam from all over the world, wrote in a letter to Yuliya Kovacheva, Deputy Minister of Justice of Bulgaria, Bitcoin.com reports.

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Lyve says that the Bulgarian chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev didn't do much to find the OneCoin founder as the prosecutor didn't even issue an arrest warrant for Veska Ignatova (Ruja's mother). The lawyer also claims the prosecutor's office failed to take an action against "other Onecoin mafia in Bulgaria that continue the Onecoin criminal operation on behalf of the fugitive Ruja Ignatova."

"This nonfeasance by the Prosecutor’s Office is allowing the Sofia office of OneCoin to maintain operations throughout Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia and continue to receive millions of Euros in payments in cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT) on a monthly basis from new victims."

OneCoin Scam Founder Ruja Ignatova Becomes Europol's Top Wanted

The letter comes amid reports that the German police have stepped up their search for Ruja's missing husband and business partner Daniel Dabek. According to Der Spiegel, the police raided apartments and offices in Weilburg, Baden-Baden, Frankfurt, Bad Homburg, Neu-Isenburg, and Vaihingen in a large-scale operation.

The "Cryptoqueen" first introduced OneCoin back in 2014. The project is considered a Ponzi scheme over its organizational structure. According to US prosecutors' estimates, the scheme brought in approximately $4 billion worldwide.

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