Solana Suffers Another Outage Lasted Over Four Hours
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The Solana network has once again crashed, triggering SOL's price to tumble for a moment by 12% below the $40 mark. The project's official Twitter page said the reason behind the outage was due to a "bug with the durable nonce feature of the blockchain" which made the developers to halt the network.

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Solana's Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko took to Twitter to explain the issue. He said the bug made part of the network to consider some blocks to be invalid, and, therefore, no consensus was formed. According to the Solana Status page, the network was offline for over 4 hours.

Solana-based Stablecoin Suffers Hacker Attack

In December 2021, Solana suffered a 17-hour lasted DDoS attack, which resulted in delays of processing transactions on the blockchain. Despite the incident, the network back managed to be online throughout the period.

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