Rapper Kanye West Files for Trademarks Related to NFTs
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3 June

Mascotte Holdings, a company associated with US rapper Kanye West, has just filed 17 trademark applications under the YEEZUS trademark related to NFTs, cryptocurrencies and the metaverse.

One of the applications talks about the potential for "providing an online marketplace for buyers of crypto and/digital collectibles, currencies, tokens, and assets."

Mascotte Holdings reportedly intends to cover a wide variety of potential products outside of the cryptocurrency space, including apparel, video games, retail stores, amusement parks and cosmetics.

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The YEEZUS brand is associated with the musician's sixth solo album, which was released in 2013.

West posted a photo of a note on his Instagram in January in which he said, "Stop asking me to do NFTs. Ask me later." This post has now been deleted.

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