MetaMask to Help Scam Victims with Tracking Stolen Funds
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MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet backed by ConsenSys, has signed a partnership with Asset Reality, an on-chain tracking service, to help victims of scams with tracking stolen cryptocurrencies. ConsenSys said in a blog announcement that the service will be available for all MetaMask users globally who have been victims of scams.

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ConsenSys says Asset Reality will take care of building an investigation into each scam operation, "increasing the likelihood of fund recovery and bringing scammers to justice." Although the service will be open for all, ConsenSys says users will still have to cover legal costs should they decide that the route of recovery makes economic sense.

"For victims whose legal costs are too high, MetaMask and Asset Reality will help them join forces with other victims as a group. There might indeed be hundreds of victims of the largest scam operations."

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However, it is unclear when MetaMask plans to deploy the new service. The move comes after the Ronin sidechain suffered a hacker attack, resulting in a $625 million loss. According to Ronin developers, hackers managed to steal 173,600 ETH, as well as $25.5 million in the stablecoin USDC.

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