Mark Cuban: Twitter Should Use Dogecoin to Fight Spam
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Mark Cuban, a billionaire and cryptocurrency supporter, has said the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin could be used to combat spam and fraud on Twitter.

It should be noted that the proposal has been supported by the co-founder of the meme cryptocurrency, Billy Markus.

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Last May 1, Mark Andreessen posted a screenshot showing a user impersonating him offering a gift of fake cryptocurrencies. The co-founder of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz asked what algorithm could track this type of content.

To this, Musk replied:


As a solution, Cuban has suggested adding a feature that would require each user to commit 1 DOGE before being able to post tweets on the platform.

Anyone will be able to flag messages as spam, and if the message is confirmed to be spam, the complainants will share the offender's asset among themselves.

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