Texas City Becomes First in the US to Mine Bitcoins
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Fort Worth, a city in the US state of Texas, has just become the first US city to start mining Bitcoins at the initiative of its mayor, CNBC has reported.

A farm of three Bitmain Antminer S9 miners has reportedly been installed in the city hall's IT department. It should be noted that for security reasons, the devices are connected to a private network.

Due to the fact that cryptocurrency mining requires a large amount of electricity and technical staff to maintain, the city's mayor, Mattie Parker, has said the project has been started with a small pilot.

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She has highlighted that although it will not generate significant revenue, it will be able to offset the cost of the energy consumed.

In addition to receiving the digital asset on the city's balance sheet, the use of Bitcoin is intended to increase Fort Worth's visibility. According to the mayor:

"We want to change that conversation, and we believe that tech innovation including cryptocurrency is the way we're going to do that."

The Texas Blockchain Council and mining pool operator Luxor Technologies have partnered to implement the project.

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