Cloudflare Reports on Largest DDoS attacks on Crypto Service
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Cloudflare, an American DDoS mitigation company, reported that it has mitigated a 15.3 million request-per-second DDoS attack, which is believed to be one of the largest ones on record. The San Francisco-based company said in a blog post the attack, launched by a botnet, was targeting a crypto launchpad. It remains unclear what company was under attack.

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"This attack was launched from a botnet of approximately 6,000 unique bots. It originated from 112 countries around the world. Almost 15% of the attack traffic originated from Indonesia, followed by Russia, Brazil, India, Colombia, and the United States."

Cloudflare went on adding that the attack originated from over 1,300 different networks, with the top networks including the German provider Hetzner Online GmbH. The attack comes a month after HubSpot, a cloud-based CRM designed platform, suffered an unauthorized access from a bad actor who succeeded to compromise a HubSpot employee account. Suffers a DDoS Attack

The company said the hacker exported data from fewer than 30 HubSpot portals, "all of whom have been notified." Later, BlockFi confirmed the incident, but noted that internal systems and clients funds were not impacted. According to reports, other crypto companies such as Circle, NYDIG and Pantera Capital were also among those suffered by the incident.

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