Intuit Service Sued Over Theft of Cryptocurrencies From Trezor Wallets
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25 April

The owner of a Trezor cryptocurrency wallet who had his digital assets stolen has sued Intuit, the company behind MailChimp.

In early April, a hacker hacked MailChimp's database and stole the personal data of 106,856 users. The attackers then sent emails to the email addresses of owners of the hardware cryptocurrency wallet with a link to Trezor's fake website for them to download a supposedly new version of the application.

People who installed the software and entered the seed phrase lost the virtual coins stored in their cryptocurrencies.

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Alan Levinson, an Illinois resident who lost $87,000 in cryptocurrencies, has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all victims of the phishing attack. He has accused Intuit of being negligent in keeping his customers' personal information secure and wants the company to reimburse the victims for legal fees and damages caused by the data breach.

It should be noted that the exact amount of cryptocurrencies stolen from Trezor's owners and the number of victims is unknown at the moment. Therefore, in case of conviction, it will be up to the court to decide the penalties against Intuit.

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