Dogecoin Creator Sees More Utility in Wrapped DOGE
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Dogecoin Co-Founder Billy Markus says the developers community should make a wrapped DOGE to bring more utility to the project. In a recent tweet thread, the Dogecoin Co-Founder counted three main conditions that would make DOGE more popular.

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  • Businesses accepting DOGE. Markus explains that the more the coin can be used as a currency, the better for the ecosystem.
  • Using doge as a tipping currency. As it is the most "pure use case that brings happiness."
  • Dogecoin-and-ethereum bridge. This compatibility will make it easier for users to make more use cases scenarios for DOGE.
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Markus, who is no longer working on the project, believes that all efforts to use or accept the meme coin are worthy as there are "infinite speculative instruments in crypto."

Last December, the Dogecoin Foundation announced plans to create together with Vitalik Buterin a proof-of-stake algorithm for DOGE. According to the description of the initiative, the innovation in the form of the proof-of-stake algorithm will allow all members of the DOGE network to receive rewards for their contribution to the management of the network. However, the Dogecoin network itself currently operates on the proof-of-work consensus algorithm.

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