Stripe to Test USDC Payments with Twitter
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April 23, 2022

Stripe, an financial services company, has launched crypto payouts for Connect, a programmable API that facilitates cash flows.

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The company said in a blog post that with crypto payouts, a select group of creators on Twitter will now be able to use crypto-based rails to receive their earnings from the social network. All the transactions will take place over the Polygon network.

"With crypto payouts for Connect, Twitter will make it possible for creators who opt in to have their earnings paid out to a cryptocurrency wallet," the company said.

Stripe Starts Working with Crypto Businesses

Once creators receive their earnings, they can hold their balance on Polygon, Stripe said. The company added it will handle all crypto-related technical moments and operations. It also added that no code changes are required, and platforms can avoid "taking on the challenges of acquiring, storing, or transferring crypto themselves."

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