Blockchain Startup Kadena Launches $100M Grant Program
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Kadena Eco, the developer of the blockchain platform Kadena, has just announced the launch of a $100 million grant program aimed at supporting projects in the network ecosystem.

According to the statement shared by the company:

"All high-quality, open-source projects for gaming, metaverse, NFT, Web3, DeFi and DAOs are welcome."

The company will evaluate applicants according to four main criteria: technical skills, specification details, team experience and usefulness of the project for the ecosystem.

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In addition to financial support, Kadena Eco will provide developers with expert technological assistance.

In addition, the team has also reminded that additional resources are available for projects on the Kadena blockchain, including: accelerator (previously funding and mentoring), incubator (practical development assistance) and venture fund (raising capital in later stages).

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