Binance Imposes Sanctions Against Russian Users
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Following the EU's fifth round of sanctions against Russia, Binance has imposed sanctions against the citizens of this country. From now on, Russian customers with more than €10,000 in crypto assets will only be able to use the withdrawal function.

From now on, such Binance customers will not be able to trade on the exchange or deposit additional funds into their accounts.

Binance has stressed that although the company does not intend to stop offering their services in Russia for the time being, it will support further sanctions if necessary.

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If the amount of funds in the user's account does not currently exceed €10,000, but exceeds this amount after April 25, the account will also switch to "withdrawal only" mode.

Large accounts of Russian citizens and persons residing in Russia will be restricted indefinitely, until further notice. All users with open futures/term contracts worth more than €10,000 will have 90 days to close their positions.

At the same time, the exchange will allow the registration of new users whose balance remains below €10,000.

The accounts of Russian users with a total value of less than 10,000 euros, as well as accounts of Russians living outside the country, will remain active.

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