Ireland Bars Politicians from Crypto Donations
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Ireland has prohibited political parties to accept donations in cryptocurrencies over fears of Russian interference, has learned. According to the report, new political integrity rules also suggest prohibiting any foreign donations and oblige parties to reveal full details of their property portfolios.

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The local Electoral Commission will get the power to regulate social media campaigns and provide clarifications about online misinformation. Local Government Minister Darragh O'Brien said:

"The appalling invasion of the Ukraine and insidious disinformation war highlight the ongoing fundamental threats faced by all democracies."

In January, O'Brien stressed "serious concerns" over the deteriorating security situation in Eastern Europe and the "well-documented escalation of cyber attacks on democratic states over the past several years." He also said the legislative amendments are designed to require "full transparency on political parties' property portfolio."

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In March, the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) warned that Russia could turn to cryptocurrencies to evade sanctions imposed on the country for attacking Ukraine. FinCEN Director Him Das added that prompt reporting of suspicious activity contributes to national security and efforts to support Ukraine and its people.

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