Suffers a DDoS Attack
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Crypto exchange has suffered a DDoS attack shortly after announcing it is ceasing to offer its services to Russian users.

The company's owner, Viktor Prokopenya, has told The Sunday Times the attack has been carried out by Russian hackers. He has said:

"You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. We’ve been attacked before, like all financial firms, but the size of this was incredible: ten times anything we have ever seen.", whose headquarters are in Belarus, has recently announced it is going to stop offering its services to Russian users. Since April 12, Russian users have been unable to send funds to their accounts, and as of April 26, they will not be able to make new transactions.

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The company's CEO has informed the exchange has around 500,000 Russian customers. He has condemned the decision of Binance, Coinbase and other companies that have continued to offer their services to Russian users.

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