Facebook Whistleblower Doubts Metaverse Will Guarantee 100% Safety
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Meta's grandiose promises to build a safe-by-default metaverse are doomed if the company fails to commit to "transparency and access and other accountability measures," Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager, told Politico in an interview.

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She added there are still many unanswered questions about how exactly the social network giant is planning to protect users' privacy given that the company already drew criticism over its efforts to hide vital information from the public.

"I am super concerned about how many sensors are involved. When we do the metaverse, we have to put lots more microphones from Facebook; lots more other kinds of sensors into our homes. You do not really have a choice now on whether or not you want Facebook spying on you at home. We just have to trust the company to do the right thing."

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Facebook's metaverse is still far from its final version as Meta is currently only testing monetization features with its VR-platform called Horizon Worlds. Meanwhile, Facebook's parent company is exploring new ways to build its own financial ecosystem after it had faced opposition from the US government over its plans for Diem.

iHodl earlier reported that Meta is studying ways to build centralized tokens for its own metaverse. According to reports, Meta Financial Technologies, the company’s fintech division, is studying the launch of a digital currency, which the employees of the structure call Zuck Bucks.

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