Financial Times: Meta Plans to Issue its Own Digital Tokens
Stephen Lam/File Photo/Reuters
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Meta (formerly Facebook) is exploring the possibility of creating centralized tokens for its own metaverse, the Financial Times has reported citing informed sources.

According to the publication, Meta Financial Technologies, the company’s fintech division, is studying the launch of a digital currency, which the employees of the structure call Zuck Bucks.

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Sources have said that the use of blockchain technology in the tool is "unlikely." According to them, we are talking about a centralized token like Robux, which circulates in the Roblox metaverse. They have explained:

"Staffers are now trying to find the least regulated way to offer a digital currency with a non-blockchain based digital token becoming the most attractive option."

According to company memos and words from people familiar with its plans, FT has also reported that Meta is also considering creating a "social" or "reputational" token. This token would be designed to reward users who have made a "meaningful contribution" to the development of certain Facebook communities.

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