Mailchimp Suffers Data Breach, Hackers Target Crypto Space
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Mailchimp, an all-in-one marketing email platform, has suffered a data breach, resulting in Trezor users being threatened by a phishing scam. According to TechCrunch, the hackers compromised an "internal tool" to gain access to customer accounts. Mailchimp CISO, Siobhan Smyth, said the media that the company became aware of the incident on March 26. The bad actor (or bad actors) gained access following a successful social engineering attack.

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"We acted swiftly to address the situation by terminating access for the compromised employee accounts and took steps to prevent additional employees from being affected," Smyth assured.

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Although the scale of the breach remains unclear, reports say the hackers targeted Mailchimp's users in the cryptocurrency and finance areas. As per Bleeping Computer, the hackers particularly targeted Trezor, a hardware cryptocurrency wallet, which has already alarmed its clients about phishing notifications that asked users to reset their hardware wallet PINs by downloading malicious software.

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