Hacker Steals $600,000 in Crypto From Li Finance Project
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A hacker has stolen about $600,000 in crypto from 29 users of the Li Finance project.

In particular, the attacker has managed to steal 10 different altcoins: USD Coin, Polygon, Rocket Pool, Gnosis, Tether, Metaverse Index, Audius, AAVE, Jarvis Reward Token and DAI.

The incident became known 12 hours after the attack, after which all exchange functions on the platform were disabled.

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The hacker has exchanged the stolen tokens for 205 Ether worth approximately $600,000. For the time being, the cryptocurrencies remain in the attacker's wallet. Li Finance claims to have discovered and fixed the vulnerability that made the attack possible.

Funds from 25 wallets have been repaid. However, they represent only $80,000. The project leaders have contacted the owners of the remaining addresses, who have lost around $517,000, and offered them a compensation plan.

In addition, the Li Finance team has contacted the hacker and offered him a reward for returning the stolen funds.

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