Ripple to Airdrop 1B XRP to Devs for XRPL Evolution
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Ripple is about to boost its efforts to support blockchain developers as the company allocates 1 billion XRP tokens to evolve XRP Ledger. According to a blog announcement, Ripple is planning to provide long-term resources to support global developer projects built on the XRP Ledger.

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Julia Heitner, Program Manager at Ripple, says the company saw "enthusiastic response from developers in the first two waves of the XRPL Grants program." She added:

"As an extension of the initial program, this 1B XRP will provide 10x the financial, technical, and business support to all kinds of developers — from those familiar with the XRPL to those new to the technology."

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The fund will reportedly be disbursed over the next 10-20 years to developers to build and scale their apps from proof-of-concept to new businesses and use cases based on the XRPL. Heitner emphasizes that the fund's programs are designed to accelerate, train and scale projects developed by the XRPL community. The capital will particularly be focused on DeFi solutions, diversity & inclusion, ESG NFTs and others.

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