Kraken to Make $10M Airdrop to Users in Ukraine
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US-based crypto exchange Kraken has just announced it plans to make a $10 million airdrop in cryptocurrencies among Ukrainian users in order to help them in the context of Russian military operations in the country.

The airdrop will reportedly consist of several stages. The first distribution will take place today, March 10, when Ukrainian users of the platform will be entitled to receive $1,000 in Bitcoins as well as a similar amount in the form of commission discounts.

The requirements for participating in the first stage include having an account created before March 9, 2022, an Intermediate or Pro verification level as well as the presence at any time of a non-zero balance on the account.

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The exchange team has reported funds will be available for withdrawal "immediately."

During the second phase of the airdrop, Kraken will distribute the equivalent of the commissions paid by Russian customers during the first quarter of 2022. The airdrop will take place on April 1. Only users who did not receive funds from the first stage will be able to take part in the airdrop.

In the third stage, the exchange will share the commissions of Russian users during the second quarter.

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