Ethereum Set to Launch Final Testnet Before PoS Merge: Report
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The Ethereum community embraces for the final update before the merge with Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Parit Hosh, Validator Whisperer at the Ethereum Foundation, told Trustnodes that the Kiln testnet will likely be the last public testnet.

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Hosh added:

"If all client teams are ready next week, we would like to launch Kiln with the full v2 spec."

The community reportedly delayed the launch to next week so that it could make more "documentation, tooling and client readiness." According to reports, the latest testnet period may last up to three months presuming all goes well, so full synchronization with PoS may go out as soon as this summer.

Ethereum Testnet Gets Support for EVM-compatible ZK Rollup

Earlier in January, the Ethereum ecosystem rebranded its terminology from "ETH 2.0" terminology into "consensus layer." According to a blog post, the developers decided to rebrand the ecosystem as its initial terminology created "a broken mental model for new users."

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