Twitter Adds the Possibility to Send Ethereum Tips
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Popular social network Twitter has just added the possibility for its users to send tips to other users in Ethereum.

As a Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch:

"Like Twitter, digital currencies operate without global barriers. We’re excited to incorporate Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin payment in Tips, enabling more people to participate in the digital economy with as little friction as possible."

It should be noted that the feature does not support ENS addresses, but only full Ethereum addresses.

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Sending a tip to an Ethereum address might not make much sense considering the high fees associated with transactions with this cryptocurrency.

The social network implemented the ability to send Bitcoin tips in September 2021 through the Lightning Network in cooperation with the Strike service.

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Other Twitter payment partners include Cash App, GoFundMe, Patreon, Wealthsimple, Venmo, as well as fintech providers Paga, Paytm and Barter by Flutterwave, which have recently been added along with Ethereum.

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