Monero Community Fears Network Could Suffer a 51% Attack
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The community of privacy-focused crypto Monero is concerned about the concentration of hashrate in the hands of the mining pool MineXMR. According to some, this increases the risk that the cryptocurrency's network could suffer a 51% attack.

According to MineXMR's own statistics, the hashrate controlled by the pool amounts to about 1.5 GH/s, or 49% of the total network.

Meanwhile, according to the xmrwiki service, the pool's share is 47.5%. The hashrate of computers connected to MineXMR exceeds the combined throughput of the other top 5 pools.

Some members of the Monero community have asked the pool to take steps to prevent its hashrate from exceeding 50%.

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MineXMR's administrator has responded in a Reddit thread:

"We understand that people are concerned with the large hashrate that MineXMR currently has. We have announced an increase to the pool fees and continue to monitor the situation."

However, users believe that this hashrate concentration threatens the decentralization of the network and the reputation of Monero.

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