White Hat Hacker Discovers Vulnerability in Coinbase’s Platform for Retail Customers
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Popular US crypto exchange Coinbase has suspended trading on its retail customer platform Advanced Trading after a white hat hacker identified a vulnerability in it.

Last Friday, a hacker named Tree of Alpha attempted to contact Coinbase's developers or management team via Twitter. He said:

"I'm submitting a hacker1 report but I'm afraid this can't wait. Can't say more either, this is potentially market-nuking."

HackerOne is a bounty program platform for finding vulnerabilities.

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Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, responded to the hacker shortly thereafter implying that the exchange's specialists contacted the hacker within an hour of his tweet:

"Sounds like our team is in touch, thx for connecting with them, and we’ll investigate."

An hour later, trading was reportedly suspended at Advanced Trading. The team resumed trading on the platform on the afternoon of February 12.

The hacker who discovered the vulnerability has confirmed it has been fixed.

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