Hackers Start Using NFTs to Steal Crypto Wallets
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14 February

In 2021, malware for illegal crypto mining or crypto wallet theft started spreading via NFT tokens and mobile apps, Kommersant has reported.

Alexander Pirozhkov, head of threat intelligence at cybersecurity company ESET, has said that previously these viruses infected users mainly through torrent files and sites with content for users over 18.

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According to ESET, gamers are offered NFT tokens with superpowers or weapons embedded with a virus, and tools for hidden crypto mining are integrated into mobile apps. ESET has estimated that last year Russia accounted for 11.2% of users affected by crypto threats. The country remains the leader in this indicator.

The Bank of Russia has previously indicated it is in favor of reducing Russian involvement in cryptos. The head of the Cenql Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, has noted the concept of regulation which was proposed by the Ministry of Finance of the country does not allow to level the risks about which the regulator warned.

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