McDonald's Files Trademark Applications to Launch Virtual Restaurants in Metaverse Fotios
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10 February

US fast food restaurant chain McDonald's has filed several trademark applications to create virtual locations and sell digital assets in the metaverse, specialized lawyer Josh Gerben has reported via Twitter.

McDonald's has filed a total of 10 applications. One of them concerns the management of a restaurant in the virtual world.

A trademark application relating to NFTs and the metaverses has also been filed by Panera Bread, an American bakery chain. Under the Paneraverse brand, the company plans to create virtual restaurants and food delivery services.

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Gerben has previously talked to The Block about companies registering their brands for the metaverse. According to him, right holders prefer to protect intellectual property in the field of new goods or services. However, the existing legal instruments are sufficient to prevent anyone, for example, from opening a McDonald's in the virtual world.

McDonald’s took the first steps in the field of collectible digital assets last year when its French and Chinese branches released their own NFT collections.

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