Hackers Attack DeFi Protocol Dego Finance
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10 February

The Dego Finance project team, which specializes in compatibility between chains and NFTs, has just reported it has suffered a hacker attack.

The project developers have written:

"We have just found out that our address providing liquidity on UniSwap & PancakeSwap was hacked hence DEGO pairs liquidity provided by the team was drained. We have already contacted operation team Binance, Kucoin, Gate.io. They have closed deposit on DEGO."

It should be noted the representatives of the project have made the same request to other crypto exchanges to hinder the movement of funds stolen by hackers. With this measure, the project ensures that hackers "cannot cause any harm."

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The project team has added:

"We’ll keep all stakeholders updated on the latest developments, as well as talk to reputable security teams on how to identify the hacker and retrieve loss."

An unknown hacker has recently stolen $13 million in cryptocurrencies from the DeFi protocol QiDAO.

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