Russia Plans to Regulate Metaverses
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2 February

A department of Roskomnadzor, Russia's Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, has started to study the opportunities and risks of metaverses and has announced the need to regulate them.

The Scientific and Technical Center (STC) of the federal state unitary enterprise "General Radio Frequency Center" has just published a study on metaverses.

According to the STC, the risks of metaverses are associated with opportunities for manipulation and disinformation, the "change of reference points," virtual avatars and the use of personal data can also become a threat.

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The department's analysts believe the dominance of digital currencies in the virtual world will contribute to the violation of political boundaries "due to the fact that current tax codes and regulations cannot regulate the chain of sales in the metaverse." According to the paper:

"The problems of identity and liability in virtual reality, metaverse, games require the development of principles and methods of regulation in the near future."

The STC has pointed out that at this stage it is unclear exactly how legislative initiatives will be able to work in metaverses.

We should remember that the Chinese authorities believe that metaverses could turn into bubbles, Ponzi schemes or other types of financial fraud.

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