DeFi Project Aave to Add Support for Fantom
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26 January

The Fantom smart contract platform community has voted in favor of integrating the DeFi landing project Aave.

According to the voting results, the proposal has received 99.98% of the votes in favor.

The Fantom Foundation will provide a team of engineers to address issues during the implementation of the protocol.

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After launching on the network, Aave will be eligible to become a member of the Fantom Incentive program. Under it, projects can receive a monthly reward of up to 6 million FTM tokens (about $14.3 million).

The proposal to implement Aave was initiated by Fantom Foundation CEO Michael Kong, who described himself as a long-time fan of the DeFi project.

He has stressed he does not foresee any technical difficulties, as the platform supports all the tools Aave needs.

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