's Marszalek Says 400 Accounts Were Compromised
Main page News, Crypto Market, Hacker Attack CEO, Kris Marszalek, said in a recent interview with Bloomberg that approximately 400 accounts have been compromised as a result of the recent hack attack, which — according to various estimates — cost the company from $15 million to $33 million in cryptocurrencies.

The CEO said the attackers — whose identity remains unclear — gained unauthorized access to withdrawals from the affected accounts. However, Marszalek emphasized no user funds were affected as the company managed to stop the bad actors.

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"...we fixed it [and] we were back online in about 13-14 hours and during the same day, all the accounts that were affected very fully reimbursed, so there was no loss of customer funds," Marszalek added. Pays $700M to Rename NBA Teams Clippers and Lakers Arena

As iHodl earlier reported, the attackers laundered 4,600 ETH via the crypto mixer called Tornado Cash. A few hours after the attack, asked its users to log in to their accounts and reset their two-factor authentication (2FA) settings. It remains unclear though how exactly the attackers managed to steal the funds.

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