Tether Freezes $160 Million in USDT at the Request of Authorities
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USDT stablecoin issuer Tether has blacklisted three Ethereum addresses containing a total of $160 million in USDT. It is no longer possible to withdraw the stablecoin from these wallets. Tether has said:

"Today, Tether has frozen three addresses on the Ethereum blockchain containing $160M USDT upon a request from law enforcement. At the moment we are unable to disclose any further details."

Tether first blocked USDT in November 2017, when the company prevented the movement of $30 million in stolen tokens. Since then, 563 Ethereum addresses have been blacklisted by the company.

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Sometimes, Tether helps with the return of USDT sent to an inaccessible address by freezing existing tokens and issuing new ones in exchange.

The company has previously said that it cooperates with law enforcement on a regular basis.

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